Codiva Buddha jumps over the wall

Buddha Jumps Over The Wall 佛跳墙

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Buddha Jumps Over the Wall, also known as “Fu Shou Quan”, was derived from the Qing dynasty with a history over hundreds of years in Fujian cuisine. Buddha Jumps Over the Wall from Codiva Group offers the delicate flavours and the rich taste of our various high qaulity ingredients. With guidance from a famous world renown chef, our Buddha Jumps Over the Wall is sure to please your taste buds.

The ingredients contained include our finest selection of shark’s fin, scallops, spices and accompanied by abalone juice.


佛跳墙,又名“福寿全”, 是源自光绪年间有百年历史的闽菜首席名菜。 海中王的佛跳墙几经名厨改进,精选上等鱼翅,花胶,瑶柱,香料等山珍海味都配以鲍汁精心煨制而成,鲜香甘醇,口味绝佳!

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