Our Story

We at Codiva Cannery are seafood manufacturers with an extensive list of accomplishments. Our company began humbly as a business named Joo Foon. Our founder, Mr. Tan Wah Kia, endured much sweat and toil before eventually setting Joo Foon up in 1978.

Mr. Tan hailed from a fishing village in Muar, Malaysia. As a young boy, he would collect fish offshore and bring his spoils to the market for a meagre allowance .

As a youth, he started working in a medicine store with a small salary of RM80 a month. He slept under the store’s staircase. His lifestyle was frugal; his meals consisted of leftovers provided by his boss. After years of being thrifty, he tried starting up businesses with limited success.

His breakthrough only came when he secured an opportunity to sell shark fins, an Asian delicacy. They were must-have orders for many customers, and he saw sales pick up quickly.

He then engaged in the backbreaking work of building his clientele. After learning that raw sharks’ fins were less expensive in Indonesia, he travelled there daily to procure them. He would then sell them to seafood suppliers in Singapore and Malaysia.

Mr. Tan’s ex-boss approached him one day and presented him with a blank cheque. He had instructions to put in whatever amount he needed to fill up the store’s inventory. The businessman began to sell provisions such as sea cucumber and birds’ nest.

Mr. Tan then approached Skylight Abalone, Malaysia’s largest seafood producer, and provided it with rare sea cucumber. His business expanded.


The Challenges

Codiva Cannery was formed in 1997 to go around the problems of high import taxes of canned abalones and limited stock provided by suppliers.

Abalone packing was an extremely complicated process which took us much time to master. The amount of wastage from our experiments was mind staggering.

However, we are happy to say that after more than a decade of product development, we dare say we now produce the BEST abalone in Malaysia.


Codiva Cannery Today

Today We at Codiva Cannery have become one of Malaysia’s leading OEM seafood manufacturers. We have an impressive product range that includes Geo Duck, canned dried scallops, Buddha Jump Over the Wall, and Jade Abalone. You might not know it, but many of the well-known brands on the market are actually using our products.

In order for us to grow further, we have decided to do our own branding and range of products to suit current markets today. It is our honour that We were awarded with the Super Excellent award in 2016 which further proves the quality of our products.